Tours in Izvoare

Tours in Izvoare

Mountaincart is a newly developed and funny vehicle that makes it possible to sledge all year, no matter if there is snow or not. The ergonomic seat makes it possible to focus only on enjoying the speed. 

This funny, high-quality and ultrasafe vehicle with its unique design represents something new in other European countries as well. This new craze that can be used by people between 12 (over 135 cm) and 99 years old can surprise all of us. Children under 12 years can sit on their parents’ lap. 
Max. load: 120 kg (parent+child)! The adventure takes place on a forest road that represents the longest karting route in Transylvania, a part of it is asphalted, the other part is scattered with pebbles. The track is 10 km long, it has a 10% average inclination and the level difference is 1000 m, so it guarantees great adventures. 
3 wheels, racing in a sitting position, only breaks, no pedals, just slope. The brakes do not operate simultaneously, we can use either the right break or the left one, so we can go backwards in different ways and on the track there are also 6 hairpin bends.  

The tour starts from the “Fáradt Bakancs” adventure park.
Participation fee: 
                             130 ron/person/tour(10km)– minimum number of persons: 6                        

Prior bookings are recommended in order to specify the time of the visit and the capacity. 

Please contact us using our contact data or book in advance. 

The tour lasts 1,5 hours, the participants are accompanied by a specialized tour guide who reveales the secrets of karting.