E-biking, ski touring, hiking and snowshoeing adventures

E-biking, ski touring, hiking and snowshoeing adventures

Come and enjoy the breathtaking mountains and wildlife of Hargita! We'll guide you on skis, bikes, snowshoes or boots. Our purpose is to present the region in an eco-friendly way, on electric bicycles, touring skis, snowshoes or while hiking, without disturbing the forests and its inhabitants.

E-biking tours
E-bikes are an exciting new opportunity to explore the mountains in an environmentally friendly manner. It is more than a bicycle since the pedal-
assistance helps you drain less energy so you can focus on the amazing natural habitat around you.

Ski tours
Leave the crowded ski slopes behind and discover frozen waterfalls, sunny peaks and forests that smell of pine. We’ll walk on the untouched snow listening to bird songs while reading the trails of bears, deer, boars and other animals crossing our path.

Hiking Adventures
The Hargita region offers some of the most breathtaking panoramas in Romania. Our local guides will tell you all about the flora and wildlife of these mountains
while taking you to the top. 

Snowshoe tours
Snowshoeing is the easiest way to move in winter nature and reach remote places even in deep snow. We will take you to some of our favourite peaceful
mountain tops through fragrant pine forests.

Group-size: 2-10 person


The tours can have different length and difficulty level. For more information about our tours please contact us: 
WEB: http://hargitaoutdoor.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/HargitaOutdoor/
TEL: +40 742 392 866, +36 70 557 7719
EMAIL: info@hargitaoutdoor.com